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The TWIN IV 7000 double scissor auto lift is perfect for automotive workshops who need a lighter capacity option of 6,600 lbs. The TWIN IV 7000 provides quick lube stations, car dealers and automotive workshops with an auto lift capable of servicing a wider range of vehicles faster and safer than any other double scissor lifts on the market.

Mobile Column Lifts (MCL) are heavy duty vehicle lifts. They are “mobile” because they can be easily moved by a single person.

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The KAR Pantograph Lift is the perfect solution for workshops in need of a hassle-free heavy duty lift. Boasting one of the highest lifting heights in the industry, lifting up to 6.8 feet, the KAR easily competes with any heavy duty lift on the market.

Designed to save valuable floor space, the KAR lifts and lowers vehicles vertically in a matter of seconds. With scissors located only on the end of its runways, the KAR provides technicians with a heavy duty lift that leaves the vehicle wheels free and permits easy access from all sides.

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